Testimonial: I have suffered with a skin irritation for some time, which has now disappeared completely

Just over four weeks ago I had fitted one of your companies Water Softeners and I want to put on record my thanks to the members of your team that were involved.

My introduction to water softeners in general and yours in particular was via your very attentive and courteous salesman John. John explained how the system works and what the advantages are. There was no pressure to purchase there and then, so that is why I did.

I then was contacted by one of the ladies in your office to arrange a date for fitting the system. She again was as charming and helpul, so it was soon arranged.

The day arrived for the unit to be fitted and on my doorstep was a smart and polite plumber (I think his name was Dave, but I am sure your team will know); who soon established my requirements and in a very short time had completed a perfect installation. The door rang and there stood John, I think he had heard the kettle boil, who had come to make sure that his customer was happy with what had just been completed.

Yes I was very happy and even more so now! I can obtain normal water for outside very easily and the savings on cleaning materials are as stated by John. I have suffered with a skin irritation on my body, for some time, which has now disappeared completely. It must be the soft water as nothing else has changed.

Please extend my thanks to your team members.

Kent Margate