Testimonial: I like the feel very much and I use much less product when washing the clothes

Wouldn’t be without it

Sharon Elliott lives in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, with her husband, a medical scientist, and works full-time herself as a nurse and lecturer.

“We have lived in Marlow for 23 years,” explains Sharon. “And my husband was born here so it’s his hometown. I do still practice as a nurse, but most of my work now is lecturing student nurses, which can be very rewarding.” Sharon has a grown-up son and two grown-up stepchildren and has recently become a ‘step-grandma’, which she is enjoying very much. Working full-time means Sharon doesn’t have a lot of free time, but she does enjoy travelling and has recently returned from a holiday in the Bahamas with her husband. “It was fantastic,” says Sharon. “I enjoy doing a lot of swimming and scuba diving and the Bahamas was great for both.” Sharon also enjoys walking their pet dog: “He’s a ‘Heinz Variety’ rescue dog and he’s lovely!” Hard water damage Sharon and her husband decided to get a water softener because the water in their area is so hard. “The water here is so so hard,” she explains. “It damages everything. There is scale on all the appliances – the kettle and shower – and that’s the main reason we got one.” They have had their Harvey Water Softener for nearly a year now and noticed a big difference. Not only does the water feel softer to the touch, but everywhere is much easier to clean and the kettle no longer scales-up. Says Sharon: “I like the feel very much and I use much less product when washing the clothes.” Word-of-mouth recommendation The couple has been thinking about getting a water softener for some time but in the past their research showed it was very expensive and problematic when it came to installation. They eventually decided to purchase a Harvey Water Softener after a recommendation from a builder doing work on their house. Having one himself, he explained how they were now easy to install and run which prompted the couple to contact Harveys. “We asked them to come around for a quote. They knew what they were talking about and offered quite a good deal,” says Sharon. “We would also definitely recommend them. There were a couple of teething problems at first but they sorted them very quickly. The fitters were also great and it didn’t take them very long at all.” Sharon has also found the Harvey salt blocks easy to use. Salt is necessary to keep a water softener running and the water soft. Unlike traditional bags of salt, the Harvey Water Softener salt blocks are designed to be compact and user-friendly, making them easy to store and replace. “They are very simple to change,” says Sharon. “It’s no problem, you pop them in and that’s it! Very pleased Overall, the couple is very pleased with their Harvey Water Softener and wouldn’t be without it. “We are generally really pleased with it and very glad to have one,” adds Sharon.

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