Testimonial: I should have bought a water softener 20 years ago

“I wish I had bought one 20 years ago”

Jean Hoare is an energetic 82-year-old who still enjoys going to the gym.

“The gym is one of my hobbies as I like to keep fit,” says Jean. “I also love gardening, although I do have someone to help with my garden now as I can’t keep it quite as I would like and therefore need a little bit of extra help.” “And I particularly like lavender which I have growing under my bay windows,” she adds. Jean, who is a widow with a grown-up son and two grandchildren in their 20s, lives in a cottage near Wallingford in Oxfordshire where the water is very hard. Less product, more lather “I should have bought a water softener 20 years ago when I first moved here as the water is so hard,” explains Jean. “I was sick of buying descaler for the kettle, and having to constantly purchase shampoo and washing-up liquid, which was often gone after a week. Now I have a water softener, I use much less of everything and it all lasts so much longer. When I wash up, I only need a drop of washing-up liquid in the bowl not a squeeze – it’s quite amazing!” Jean and her family and friends have also noticed how different it feels on their skin. “It’s so much more pleasant on your hands,” says Jean. “I grew up in a soft water area – Lincolnshire – and I remember that feeling, and my mum saying how much lather there was when she was washing my hair. It’s the same again now.” Her daughter-in-law also felt the difference when washing up, and when her friends from Australia visited they commented that they nearly drowned in soap suds! “I must remember to tell people I have soft water!” User friendly Salt is necessary to keep a water softener running and the water soft. Unlike traditional bags of salt, the Harvey Water Softener salt blocks are designed to be compact and user friendly, making them easy to store and replace. Jean has found them to be very easy to use and is surprised at how long they last. “The salt blocks are ideal,” she says. “It’s a really good system which is easy to manage: I simply swivel them around to replace them, it only takes a couple of minutes, and they last well over a month – nearer six weeks.” Jean is happy to recommend Harvey Water Softeners, and is planning on treating her son and daughter-in-law in the not too distant future. “My son is looking into having a new kitchen, and I have offered to pay for them to have a Harvey Water Softener. As a company, I thought they were fantastic: very polite, very efficient, and a pleasure to deal with from the beginning.” The personal touch Jean was also pleased with the personal service they offered. “I was impressed with their advert, and when I called, impressed when I heard a real voice at the other end of the line. It gave me confidence and I’m very pleased with the service and my water softener.”

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