Testimonial: I wanted a water softener that was convenient and met my needs and my Harvey softener does that

“A water softener that meets my needs.”

Martin Clark is a retired chemical engineer, so when it comes to soft water he knows what he’s talking about.

“I was 35 years in the chemical industry and really enjoyed my job, just as I’m enjoying my retirement now,” he says. Martin is married with two grown-up daughters and, although retired, still favours hobbies with a chemical engineering slant to them. “My hobbies are reading, cooking, and golf,” he says. “I read science fiction, physics and maths books for fun. And I also tinker about when cooking, adding ingredients to the pot and stirring them up. Most things I cook are therefore different every time! Cooking is just a big chemistry set really. I do stick to main courses though and not baking as baking is too precise.” When it comes to golf, Martin plays off a good standard handicap of 12. But he does find it a rather frustrating pastime: “Golf is more frustrating than any other sport. I just aim to get around, as it is very much a game of survival!” Portable and mobile Martin chose a water softener for one main reason: to eliminate hard water. Where he lives in Oxfordshire is a hard water area, and having lived in the United States where most people have soft water he was aware of the benefits it brings. “Over there water softeners were common but large devices that took up half the garage. The Harvey water softeners appealed to me because they were convenient to store because of their smaller size. Many water softeners are also difficult to retrofit, but the Harveys device doesn’t have that limitation.” His water softener only takes up a small space under his kitchen sink – so half a cupboard instead of half a garage. Being an engineer, Martin was also attracted to the fact a smaller device has slightly simpler technology which means there are fewer moving parts so it is less likely to break. These benefits, along with the kettle no longer furring up and the taps and shower heads not becoming clogged with limescale, could explain why many more people are turning to water softeners. “Over the past five years, I have noticed an increase in people in the UK having water softeners,” adds Martin. “The advent of smaller convenient units seems to have given the industry a new lease of life.” That and the smoother texture: “Like the water in Cornwall where we visit when you spend ages washing all the soap off!” Straightforward and satisfied Martin is happy to recommend Harvey Water Softeners as he found the whole process exactly as anticipated. “I’m very pleased with my water softener. It was all straightforward. The installation took around two-and-ahalf hours and went as designed. Everything has been as I expected and I couldn’t ask for any more.” “The key thing for me,” adds Martin, “is that I wanted a water softener that was convenient and met my needs and my Harvey softener does that. We now have what we wanted: soft water.”

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