Testimonial: It was incredible

It’s incredible!

Pat Williams is in her 70s, a retired teacher and a huge fan of her new Harvey Water Softener.

After many years living in Germany where she worked as a deputy head and acting head teacher, she now lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, with her cocker spaniel Kali. “Kali is my constant companion,” says Pat. “She’s gorgeous, and we spend lots of time out walking so she’s good for helping me keep fit. She’s blue roan in colour which is why I named her Kali after the Hindu goddess of dark destruction.” Pat also enjoys gardening although not as much as her sister who is a very keen gardener. “I only have a small garden and we have just been cutting back a wedding cake tree – so-called because it has lots of layers and was starting to take over!” A miracle Oxfordshire is a very hard water area which is why Pat decided to invest in a water softener. She explains: “I was very aware of the debris from the hard water, the limescale, on my stainless steel draining board and the bottom of the taps. It was always there. And this made me think about what it was doing elsewhere, for example in the radiators.” Pat’s neighbour had a Harvey Water Softener and this led Pat to contact Harveys and get one installed – primarily to tackle the limescale, however it has since changed her life in an even more significant way. “It was incredible,” says Pat. “The water felt so different particularly when I had a bath. And then I began to notice that my psoriasis, which I’ve had since I was seven, was improving – it was as though the soft water was healing it.”

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. Pat continues: “Within months the scaly flakes on my tummy were smaller, and while they are still there, they are so much better and I’m looking forward to them getting even better. It’s miraculous – a bit like a miracle! It’s really made a difference to me. It hasn’t completely gone bit it’s certainly reducing.” My scientific nephew would tell me that correlation does not prove causation, but I am firmly of the opinion that the the improvement is entirely due to the Harvey’s water softener. Pat’s message to others suffering with psoriasis is to share her story and encourage them to move from hard water to soft water to ease their condition. Having had it almost all her life, she hopes in a year’s time to see it gone altogether. A good experience And Pat also found the buying process a good experience too. “Getting my Harvey Water Softener was a good experience,” she adds. “The process was good and everything was easy. I am terrible at making decisions but this was an easy one to make and I have no complaints at all. It fits comfortably under the boiler in my utility room.” Pat has even recommended Harvey Water Softeners to others and now her sister and her husband have one too.

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