Testimonial: It’s definitely more palatable for your hair!

Softer water and softer hair

Pat Bosley lives in Didcot, Oxfordshire, and works full-time for the local steam railway museum, the Didcot Railway Centre, as their administration manager.

“I’ve worked there for 27 years,” says Pat. “I could have retired, but last year I lost my husband and I’m pretty glad I’m still in my job as it’s like a big family. The people are so nice and genuine and I work there as much for the friendship.” Pat has two grown-up daughters and three grandchildren who also keep her busy. “I don’t do much babysitting because I work full-time, but I do enjoy spending time with them.” Pat also enjoys keeping fit by bike riding and taking part in keep fit classes. “I’m very keen on any form of keeping fit,” she says. “I do aerobic classes, and I’m about to start something called ‘flip-flop’ classes with a friend! My husband and I used to travel a lot too here and abroad in our motorhome, but since he died I don’t have it anymore.” Product usage halved Pat has been thinking about getting a water softener for several years due to the area she lives in being renowned for very hard water; and she finally took the plunge this year. She explains: “Phillip and I had talked about it so it had always been on the cards. My neighbour has one fitted and was strongly for it. That’s why I decided to do it.” Having only had it for a matter of months, Pat has already noticed the difference, particularly in having to use much less product – her usage has halved. The water is also much softer to the touch. “When I shower I don’t use as much shampoo and conditioner and my hair is nice and soft and feels in quite good condition,” say Pat. “It’s definitely more palatable for your hair!” Pat has also noticed a real difference in the limescale on her bathroom taps and in the whole bathroom area: “It’s great, super,” she adds. “I have a cleaner and I must ask her if it is easier to clean too!” No problems at all Pat is very happy to recommend Harvey Water Softeners. “They came to see me and then the plumbers fitted it and everyone was very nice. There were no problems at all and it fits fine under my sink in the kitchen. It’s a very neat object.” She has also found the Harvey salt blocks easy to use. Salt is necessary to keep a water softener running and the water soft. Unlike traditional bags of salt, the Harvey Water Softener salt blocks are designed to be compact and user-friendly, making them easy to store and replace. Says Pat: “I had a bit of fun and games when I first changed them, but my neighbour came round to help me and now it’s fine and we order the salt blocks together.” Such is the difference in her water – from very hard to soft – even Pat’s guests have noticed. “They may even get one too!” she says.

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