Testimonial: It’s done exactly what we were told it would and has been great. I am very, very happy


Rob Mannix is a semi-retired engineer having worked for 35 years in the nuclear industry. He has two grown-up daughters in their 20s, and lives with his wife Carole in Wantage.

“I now work as a self-employed engineer consultant,” says Rob, “which gives me a bit more time for the family and our six-month-old granddaughter who is lovely.” Rob and Carole enjoy spending their free time gardening and travelling: “It’s all about travel and leisure now,” says Rob. And as new grandparents, they also help their daughter out with babysitting. Cleaning problems Originally from Liverpool, Rob moved down south with his family in the 1970s and noticed a real difference with the local hard water. “We’re very happy here down south, but we have always hated the hard water which is why we finally decided to get a water softener.” There were two main reasons behind their decision: dry skin and limescale. “We had lots of cleaning problems particularly with the shower and shower screen,” he says. “And having decided to get the bathroom and kitchen redone, we thought what’s the point if we still have the same water problems. So the water softener came first and we built the new kitchen around it!” Low maintenance As a mechanical engineer by profession, Rob knew exactly the type of water softener he wanted: “I was looking for one with no electrics; a mechanical unit with no parts and low maintenance. I also wanted it to regenerate itself while still continuing working.” Rob went online to search for something meeting all of his requirements and found Harvey Water Softeners. So he invited them along for a demonstration. “The guy who came along was also an engineer so we spoke at length. He spent time with us and that’s important nowadays, and he wasn’t at all pushy.” Great value Rob and Carole invested in their Harvey Water Softener on a two month trial, but were pleased with it after just one month. “One of the best things then,” says Rob, “is that the monthly figure you pay to have the water softener comes off the overall price when you buy it which surprised me.” And the couple has been more than delighted with the results. No more descaler “Not having to use descaler anymore is great,” says Carole. “And the kettle and shower screen look brilliant!” They have also noticed a real change in the texture of the water which is much smoother to the touch. “You can feel it when you wash up,” says Rob. “And I have smashed a few dishes washing up as they are so shiny and slippery,” adds Carole. “But I don’t mind as the water is so lovely.” Carole has also recommended Harvey Water Softeners to a work colleague. She says: “It’s done exactly what we were told it would and has been great. I am very, very happy.” A sentiment echoed by Rob: “It’s tremendous! It does what is says on the tin and the limescale cleared up within a month.”

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