Testimonial: Saving on detergents and soaps

This morning I received your letters promoting Water Softeners and felt compelled to write and congratulate on a wonderful product. I purchased one of your units some time ago through. It seemed expensive at the time but it has paid for itself over the years.

I was persuaded to buy the unit by two expensive events happening on the same day. The washing machine required a new heating unit as it was all furred up and the washer in the toilet breaking, due to the excessively hard water in this area. I had water everywhere and had the expensive of calling out a plumber and repair man.

It was on this day that a publicity leaflet came through my door. I could not believe it was anything other than providence! The service given was excellent and I was put under no pressure to buy. Having decided to buy the unit, it was quickly installed and by plumbers who made no mess at all. The after sales service was second to none.

I use tablet washing powder and only have to use one rather than the two the manufacturers recommend. I only use half the shampoo when washing my hair, leaving my hair soft and shining, the drains are always lcear and the china and glassware is always keen, without any effort.

So again thank you for a wonderful unit.