Testimonial: Savings and no more sensitive skin

“Soft water adds to the quality of life.”

Nick Nind is originally from Birmingham but, after 30 years, he moved down south for work. Wokingham became his home and through work friends he met his wife Sue. They have three teenage children: two daughters and a son.

“We are both very busy. I have a full-time job in telecommunications and for the last 12 months I have run my own online retail company with two friends as well. Sue has been a mother for 10 years but for the last two years she’s been working part time doing secretarial / admin work and also does a lot of charity work too. She’s active in church giving parental courses, preparing for the first Holy Communion and she does the children’s liturgy. She’s also active in the school PTA where she sets up events and does a lot of fundraising. This, together with the activities of our three kids and the dog, makes our household pretty busy. We’ve got a good routine going but it’s sometimes chaos as well,” Nick laughs. Soft water adds to the quality of life “We always wanted a water softener, knowing that it’s a good luxury item to have. Softer water adds to the quality of life, but it was one of those luxury items that was always a bit further down the bottom on our list of things to have as we thought we couldn’t really afford one. Our household uses a lot of water: showering and baths several times a day, the dishwasher twice a day and the washing machine runs daily, sometimes twice, as well. Where we live in Wokingham, the water is very

hard. We used to go through a dishwasher and a washing machine every four years.” Recommended by a friend “Then a friend of ours recommended the Harvey water softener. We found out it was a relatively low-cost investment compared to the many benefits it has and you could actually feel how soft the water was compared to what we had. Our softener also doesn’t have an electrical connection, which was another bonus.” Savings and no more sensitive skin “We have now had our softener for two years and we use so much less soap, shampoo, detergent and washing powder, that even I notice it! On top of that, it saves all our appliances too. We’ve had our washing machine and dishwasher for five years now and no problems whatsoever!” You can tell Nick works in telecommunications, as he is such an easy and enthusiastic talker. He continues, “Our children suffered from sensitive and dry skin over the years and they definitely have less problems now, especially our son, Alexander.” He explains further, “When he was 12/13 years old he had very dry skin and he doesn’t have those problems any more. “The water softener just sits quietly in a corner and all you have to do is check the salt blocks every two to three weeks and top them up when needed. We really are more than happy with it.”

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