Testimonial: She no longer wears rubber gloves when washing-up. And I also have less dry skin.

Softer water that tastes better too

Adrian Evans lives with his wife and grown-up son in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

He works in IT (information technology) supervising a team of 10 people working on IT issues for schools and further education organisations in Oxford. “Cloud technology is very popular at the moment,” says Adrian, “but not everyone appreciates its value so we help them to understand it better.” Adrian’s main hobby also includes technology: sound technology. He explains: “When a band records instruments and vocals, my role is to play them back and enhance the sound. For example, I might make the drums or guitars quieter and the vocalist louder. While it is technical on one level, it is also about listening and feeling and having an ear for the music. I find it enjoyable and relaxing.” Great for dry skin Adrian and his family have moved around a lot over the past 30 years through his work, and while they like living in Oxfordshire they do find the water very hard. “We used to live in an area with naturally soft water in Bristol,” says Adrian. “But since moving closer to London we have noticed more soap scum and harder water. Not only does this lead to limescale, but the particles in the water aggravate my son’s eczema.” After a break in Devon where Adrian once again experienced soft water, he and his wife returned home and decided it was time to get a water softener. And following an internet search where they found Harvey Water Softeners, their minds were made up. “I liked the Harvey product but was also taken by the strong family values of the Harvey business and Harvey Bowden himself. My father-in- law ran his own family business and it reminded me of him”. After a phone call and visit, the Harvey Water Softener was installed and the family has been impressed with the results. “My son has been growing out of his eczema, but since we have had soft water it has certainly reduced on his fingers. My wife also suffers with dry skin and has seen an improvement. In fact, she no longer wears rubber gloves when washing-up. And I also have less dry skin.” No more limsescale or chlorine The family has also seen a reduction in limescale, including on their taps and in their coffee maker, and they even use less cleaning product in their washing machine – two pumps rather than four – as soft water produces more lather. Another surprising result is the improved taste and smell of the water. “Before, the water tasted ‘heavy’ and of chlorine, whereas now it’s much lighter and there is no chlorine smell,” says Adrian. “I wasn’t expecting that at all so a nice surprise!” Salt is necessary to keep a water softener running and the water soft, so bags of salt or salt blocks are added to the softener every few months. He adds: “I have a very sensitive palate and thought the water would taste salty but it doesn’t.” No regrets Adrian and his family are delighted with their Harvey Water Softener and the changes it has made to enhance their lives. So much so, that Adrian has recommended it to his colleagues at work. Adrian adds: “We didn’t need a water softener as such, but chose one to improve our water and quality of life and we’re enjoying it and have no regrets.”

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