Testimonial: Thank you Harvey, job well done!

We had our Harvey Water Softener fitted yesterday, by your installer, Dave Beeson. Your sales lady, Lyn Glanville had advised him that it may be a difficult installation and he came prepared to adapt the plumbing as necessary. My husband and I were so impressed with his standard of work and the patience with which he addressed the complete installation, including the problem of the stopcock being clogged up with builders rubble. It seems that even in brand new houses, things are not always as they ought to be! He spent most of the day sorting everything out and managing to put the softener where we wanted it rather than where it would be easier for him. This we really appreciated as it means we do not lose a whole cupboard. Lyn had assured us that we would be more than happy with Dave, as she knew that workmanship was just as important to us as the product.

Everything has been up to Lyn’s promised high standard, which prompted us to choose Harveys over the other companies we compared. We are so pleased that we took the time to see her, rather than being dictated by price alone, as she was by far the most honestly informative person, as well as being the nicest.

We are so looking forward to ‘forgetting’ about the water stains and lime scale that would ruin all our lovely new taps etc.

Thank you Harvey, job, well done!