Testimonial: The service provided by your company has been excellent

I write further to your letters of 24th February and 13th June regarding the 3 month rental agreement that commenced on 1 April for the softener that was installed at the above address on 15th February.

As I am very pleased with the softener, I confirm that I wish to purchase the equipment; therefore, I enclose my cheque for the balance of £.

Please cancel the direct debit after the third payment due on 1 June and then you will have received the full payment due of £.

The service provided by your company has been excellent; Sandra explained the product and purchase options very thoroughly and clearly; Clive your plumber performed a painlessly neat installation and best of all, the softener does what is says in your leaflet! We wish we had bought one before but look forward to a continuing scale free life from now on.

I trust everything is in order and would appreciate your confirmation of purchase completion in due course.


Surrey Warlingham