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Testimonial: The water now seems so much hotter than it used to be.

“Before I had my softener installed I used to go through a kettle a year!”

It’s fair to say that many of us would automatically think of soapier water and easier cleaning when imagining the benefits of installing a water softener.

Indeed, those are high on the list of advantages, but there are plenty more you may not have considered. Famous for his success in national and international pigeon racing, Roger Lowe from Caversham knows all about the problems that come from living in an area with hard water: “The water is absolutely terrible here,” he says.“The Reading area is said to be the worst in the country for hardness. Before I had my softener installed I used to go through a kettle a year!” Scaling up! Having been in the building trade for over 30 years, Roger has seen many installations of hot water systems, from water tanks in lofts to combination boilers. When he decided to build his own home in 1988 he opted for a hot water tank – but little did he realise that, just a few years down the line, the efficiency of his heating system would become a real problem. Any amount of scale in his heating system would reduce efficiency, but what Roger noticed first and foremost was that his water didn’t seem as hot as it used to be. As the hard water reached and then sat in his tank the scale build-up increased, meaning the insulative properties of the tank itself were much less effective at keeping the hot water hot. What he also couldn’t see (other than on his heating bills) was the scale build-up inside his pipes. This no doubt affected the flow rate of the water through the system. Having a softener installed would remove this scale and reduce the amount of fuel used to heat the water. What a difference After a leaflet from Harvey Water Softeners was posted through his letterbox, Roger thought he would look into the benefits further: “The information on the leaflet was enough to attract my interest and call them,” he reveals. Not long later, following a demonstration and a cup of tea with Harvey salesperson Paul, he had his softener connected: “I have to say the installer was very good. Very knowledgeable and helpful.” A few weeks later, with the softened water descaling his pipework and hot water tank, Roger began to notice a difference: “The water now seems so much hotter than it used to be. Our tank has been in the property since I built it and I thought it wasn’t holding enough water because it was furred up and the hot water in there wasn’t staying hot. I hoped that the softener would ‘defur’ the tank and it must have – I can really tell the difference.” If only Roger had known that if he’d had his softener installed all those years ago he would never have had to buy so many new kettles. It takes a mere six weeks to clear a kettle of limescale with softened water!

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