Testimonial: They were all-round very efficient and amiable

“As far as we’re concerned, it’s a brilliant system.”

Originally from a village on the outskirts of Hermitage, Mr and Mrs McNair have lived in West Berkshire for over 60 years.

Now living in Streatley, it was when Iain was in the middle of converting their farmhouse that he first thought about purchasing a water softener. Conserving his new heating system and the easy maintenance of all of their new bath and kitchen fittings was hugely important, and so was planning in where and how it was going to fit in to their new home. “The fact that West Berkshire is a hard water area made the decision to buy a softener an easy one. My mother also had a water softener years ago, a very old fashioned one. Our friends were also pleased with the difference theirs made too,” says Iain. Salt blocks, no hassle As Iain discovered quite quickly, there is a plethora of different models and brands of water softeners on the market and he spent a while reading up on all of them. It turned out there was one particular feature of the Harvey water softener he very much liked: “We knew Harvey wasn’t the only company to make use of salt blocks, but that was one of the major reasons we chose them. The friend of ours who owned a softener had to use salt in bulk – we definitely didn’t want that kind of hassle.” First-class service Once Iain had completed the final touches to their farmhouse, he made the call to Harvey to ask for more information on their softeners: “I got a rapid response on my initial enquiry. A representative came to see us within a couple of days as I recall and he talked us through how it worked and brought one along with him to show us. Thankfully it was going to fit perfectly under the sink no problems at all. That was a relief – I did wonder for while,” Iain laughs. “It was great to have the peace of mind of a qualified installer come along to connect it up to the mains water and test it was all working properly. It only took a couple of hours.” No looking back Since its installation back in January 2014, the McNairs have noticed a huge difference: “We’re happy customers. We’ve had some savings and my wife has noticed we use much less detergent. Of course the water is lovely and soft now and it’s good to know that our appliances should hopefully stand the test of time. As far as we’re concerned it’s a brilliant system and it seems to work very well.” As for Harvey Water Softeners: “They were all-round very efficient and amiable – especially the fitter who came out. If anyone asked me about water softeners I feel I would be equipped to share my experience with them – and definitely recommend Harvey – of course!”

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