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Testimonial: We are now getting the benefit of soft water

I received the discharge pipe you kindly sent me and I thank you. I have completed the installation which I found well within my DIY skills thanks to your very clear and precise fitting instruction which came with the softener.

I had previously had a softener which I purchased in 2003 which had a small computer managed program that was a source of constant trouble costing me more than £300 in service charges and parts in the 5 years that I had it.

I like the fact that your softener needs no electrical supply and that it works entirely on water pressure as ours is only just over 1 bar which was the final reason given that my old softener did not function.

I enclose a picture of our softener which is in the loft being the most suitable place out of the way, now with block salt instead of tablet for in very heavy bags is easily managed by my wife, she also likes the owner’s guide: 1 Fill with block salt, 2: NO FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.

We are now getting the benefit of soft water which we now realise we have not had for some time, so thank you very much for your help with my original enquiry and your supply of the correct softener for trouble free service.