Testimonial: You can even feel the softer water on your hands when washing up

No more limescale

Shirley Nunn and her husband David are both retired and enjoy spending time pottering in their home and garden in Wantage.

After 25 years working in a bank, followed by various other finance and office jobs, Shirley enjoys nothing more. “I like cooking, knitting, reading and gardening,” says Shirley. “My husband is the better gardener though. We don’t have a large garden, but we do have a greenhouse where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers, which taste so different to shop-bought ones.” Shirley sometimes uses homegrown produce in her cooking, but mostly she is a baker making pies and cakes – particularly fruit cakes – which her husband is rather partial to! The couple also take regular trips to the Isle of Wight where they have a caravan. “After visiting David’s sister there, we returned for several holidays and liked it so much we bought a caravan. The weather is slightly better than the UK and it’s so nice and quiet.” Softer shower and hands Back in Oxfordshire where they live, the couple had a Harvey Water Softener installed in March after suffering years of hard water and limescale. Shirley explains: “Where we live has very hard water. The limescale clogged up the shower and the kettle which is why we decided it was time for a water softener. And it’s made such a difference – you can even feel the softer water on your hands when washing up.” After seeing a newspaper advertisement for Harvey Water Softeners, they called to enquire. “Someone answered straight away, which is always good as hanging on the end of the phone waiting gets on your nerves after a while.” Quick and easy And thereafter the process was quick and easy, with enquiring to installation time taking around two weeks. “It would have been even quicker,” adds Shirley. “But we were away when they wanted to first install so they had to wait.” The couple also found the Harvey staff helpful and friendly. “The two men who installed the softener were very clean and tidy workers and it was all done in a couple of hours just as they said it would be. And they liked the tea and biscuits too!” How the softener actually works was also clearly explained. “We can’t use the soft water for the garden and watering the flowers,” says Shirley. “So we have to switch the tap back to hard water for that, but it’s very easy to do once we were told.” Shirley has also found the Harvey salt blocks easy to use. Salt is necessary to keep a water softener running and the water soft. Unlike traditional bags of salt, the Harvey Water Softener salt blocks are designed to be compact and user-friendly, making them easy to store and replace. “They’re very easy to use and change,” says Shirley. “We keep a box under the sink with the water softener and it’s so easy to put new ones in. They are a little heavy but easy to pick up so that’s fine.” Overall, Shirley is more than happy with their water softener and, most importantly, the fact they have no more of the dreaded limescale.

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