Harvey people

We’re a friendly bunch

Every year we have at least two big social events where family and friends of employees are invited to join us. A BBQ and a New Year Party which never fails to entertain. We also have the fun committee who organise events throughout the year; including golf, bowling, pay day drinks and comedy nights.

Our fantastic team

Zoltan, Production
When I joined Harvey I was welcomed with open arms. After working hard I got a promotion to Assembly Supervisor which has helped me grow my skillset and progress my career. It’s a great place to work with lots of opportunities.

Mark, Installer

I joined Harvey as a plumber and quickly found my feet. There is such great variety in the jobs you are given which helps you grow as an employee. I gained promotion to District Supervisor and have found managing a great challenge but one I couldn’t have seen myself doing before joing Harvey.

Mandy, Service
Everyone is so friendly and smiles at you in the corridor. I feel really lucky coming into work with such great people.

Samantha, Marketing
It’s like coming to work with your best friends. Everyone is so supportive and you are given the chance to progress when you put the work in. I was promoted to Digital Marketing manager and have enjoyed the responsibility and trust the company has put in me. It’s very gratifying.