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Life with a water softener​​


Save money with softened water

  • Your heating system works more efficiently
  • You reduce your cleaning bills by over half
  • Your appliances will last longer

Feel great with softened water

  • You have a lot less cleaning to do
  • Your hair and skin feels great
  • You get nice bubbly baths and showers

Find out more about the benefits of softened water.


Features & specifications


  • Non-electric water softening system- powered by water pressure
  • Twin cylinder design guarantees softened water 24/7
  • No water is wasted thanks to our accurate metering system
  • Uses compact block salt for easy storing and re-filling 
  • UK’s #1 selling domestic water softener
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved to comply with current water regulations 
  • Dimensions: 490mm x 440mm x 205mm
  • Max flow rate: 55 litres per minute 
  • Uses 250-350 grams of salt per regeneration 
  • Uses 17 litres of water per regeneration 

Read about the features of a Harvey Water Softener here.

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A water softener is usually fitted under the kitchen sink, our installation experts will recommend a convenient solution for you and your home. Other common locations include:

  • the garage
  • the loft
  • on an outside wall
  • utility room 

Our installers are all trained to the highest standards and experienced in fitting water softeners in all of these situations. Installation is a fairly simple process - a little more complex than a washing machine, but much simpler than having a new boiler fitted. It usually takes no more than half a day, though our plumbers never rush - we make sure they have time to do a good, robust and tidy job.


Block salt


A Harvey Water Softener needs block salt to function, which needs to be replenished regularly. Harvey Bowden invented the block salt system, which makes topping up and storing salt as easy as possible.

  • Convenient 8kg packs mean no heavy bags to struggle with
  • A year’s supply takes up less space than a set of golf clubs on a trolley
  • Typical usage is one block of salt per person per month
  • The clear lid on our water softener makes it easy for you to check your salt 
  • The red line inside shows you when to re-fill or re-order. It's easy to order here:  

Click here to order more block salt


How water softeners work


Water softening is the removal of magnesium and calcium minerals from your water supply through a process of ion-exchange. The softened water that's then produced is kinder to skin, doesn't leave limescale buildup on pipes, appliances or any surfaces around your home; meaning it shines for longer. 

At the heart of a water softener are two cylinders containing resin. Millions of microscopic beads trap hardness minerals, softening the water as it enters your home. The resin requires regular cleaning (regeneration), which is a process a water softener performs automatically. This regeneration uses block salt, which is manually topped up when needed. 

The Harvey Water Softener has unique features that give you softened water everyday. Find out more here.

Our product range

The HV3

The UK’s number one water softener, the Harvey Water Softener HV3 model, is our best selling and most popular water softener. The twin cylinder design and accurate metering system means it supplies uninterrupted softened water to a standard sized home, straight from under the kitchen sink.

The non-electric, compact design gives your home the water it deserves. Simply maintained with the top up of block salt, with over 40 years of manufacturing water softeners - the Harvey Water Softener is the best choice for your home.


The Harvey Water Softener HVX model is our slightly larger block salt water softener. It’s particularly suitable for homes with 3-4 bathrooms or more, built to fit under the kitchen sink like our HV3 model.

It’s the most compact high capacity water softener ever designed, using the same twin cylinder design as the UK’s number one water softener. It has been built to satisfy the water demands of a larger modern home. The HVX doesn’t need any programming or regular maintenance, simply fill it up with block salt when it runs out.

The Big Blue

The Harvey Water Softener Big Blue model is the largest model we sell. It’s perfect for bigger homes and businesses, using the same unique twin cylinder design as our UK’s number one selling HV3. The twin cylinders ensure your home enjoys an uninterrupted supply of softened water.

The Big Blue fits to the mains water supply, even though larger than our standard twin cylinder models, it can still fit under the kitchen sink. This model needs tablet salt to function, it comes in 10kg and 25kg bags, which simply need to be replenished when it runs out. The salt is dropped into the top of the water softener.

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