Single vs Twin Cylinder Water Softener

Hello, I’m Harvey!

Thank you for visiting our website. If you’re looking to buy a water softener, you’ve come to the right place, because there’s everything you need to know on this website somewhere.

But in fact, there are only two things that you really need to know. First, there are two types of water softener: a single cylinder and a twin cylinder – and a twin cylinder is better than a single cylinder. That’s the first thing. And the second thing is, there are only two manufactures of twin cylinder non-electric water softeners – and I make the best one.

Now, you expected me to say that, didn’t you? But it’s true, and if you look around and hang around for a couple of minutes, I’ll explain to you why that is.

A water softener has two jobs to do. It has to soften your water, and then it has to clean itself by regenerating. All water softeners with only one cylinder can only do one job at a time. They can either soften your water, or they can clean themselves – and they all get into problems when they try and do both.

A twin tank water softener can perform both jobs at the same time. Which makes it the only way to guarantee softened water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Single tank softeners are larger, and can waste a lot of water. They’re difficult to set up, and always use more salt than they need to.

Now, the limitations of a single cylinder water softener are many and varied, which is why I manufacture a twin cylinder water softener. So: why is my twin cylinder water softener the best?

Well, it contains the only truly accurate metering system for a water softener, which is reliable and efficient at all times. My unique duplex parallel setup enables both high flow rates as well as high efficiency – two things you should not have to choose between when selecting the right water softener.

And I’m particularly proud to say that we invent, design, engineer – everything, here in Great Britain. And our testing, manufacturing and facility is the finest in the industry. Everything we produce works.

In less than an hour, we can test the level of the hardness in your water, show you the difference with our portable softener, look at your plumbing and discuss installation. Then we can give you a full quotation to suit your requirements. Our visit carries no obligation.

So, enjoy looking around the website! We’ve got everything you could possibly need to know, including a Frequently Asked Questions – you can type in a question, and we’ll give you the answer – but don’t forget to press the green button, and book an in-home demonstration. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.