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Softened water can make all the difference for eczema sufferers

The new HarveyArc water softener will soften your water and alleviate the effect hard water has on skin. The minerals in hard water can irritate and damage the skin’s natural barrier, and even worsen conditions such as eczema. Softened water is kinder to skin and doesn’t leave any mineral residue behind.

  • Kinder to Skin
  • Remove Limescale From The Home
  • UK’s Number 1 Water Softener
  • 3 Month Trial Period
image of myHarvey app showing salt levels on iphone

Smart technology

The WiFi-enabled i-Lid automatically monitors your salt levels.

twin cylinder diagram

Twin cylinder design

Allows 24/7 softened water with no interruptions.

Kinder to the planet

The exterior of the softener uses 38% less plastic than our previous models, and 62% of the plastic we do use for it is recycled.

HarveyArc Dimensions 495 x 206 x 435

Robust and reliable

Our products go through 1 million test cycles, way beyond the UK standard.

How much does it cost?

Can I drink softened water?

How does a water softener work?

Do I have to use the myHarvey app?

How much does it cost?

We have a number of softener models and will recommend the best one for you based on the size of your home, household and water usage. We’ll assess your needs during a demonstration where we will provide a no-obligation quote. To book a demo, just give us a call or request a callback – our experts will be happy to help.

Can I drink softened water?

Softened water is perfectly safe to drink. There are a few precautionary exceptions (including for those on low sodium diets) but whether you want to or not is simply a matter of taste and preference. Salt is used in the softening process to clean and regenerate the resin that softens the water, but no salt gets into the water supply itself.

Many people choose to have a drinking water tap installed at the same time as their Harvey water softener to have a hard water supply to drink because they prefer the taste – this is standard in our installations. Alternatively, they add on a specialist tap and water filters to have delicious filtered drinking water or sparkling water on demand.

How does a water softener work?

Our water softener works by removing the calcium and magnesium in your water supply through the process of ion exchange. Your softener’s twin cylinders are filled with millions of microscopic sodium charged resin beads which will attract all of the calcium and magnesium and replace those with sodium, giving fully softened water. When the resin becomes exhausted, a regeneration will take place, flushing all of the calcium and magnesium from the resin using a concentrated brine solution (that’s where the salt in your softener comes in) to return the resin to its original state, ready for the next softening cycle.

Do I have to use the myHarvey app?

No. The Smart HarveyArc has a WiFi-enabled i-Lid that automatically monitors your salt levels and sends the data to the myHarvey app, but if you want to use the softener without the app that is fine. You’ll still get to enjoy market-leading softener technology and all of the benefits of softened water. Your installer can set it up for you either way, and you can decide to use the app at a later date if you want.

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  • One of our water experts will need to look at your home to understand which softener and type of installation suits you.
  • This can be done at your home or virtually via WhatsApp or FaceTime at a time that suits you.
  • You can go through the benefits of having a softener, and will have plenty of time to ask questions.
  • Your expert will leave you with a no-obligation quote that’s tailored to you and your home.

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