Summer Haircare Tips for Active Families

If the summer means more time outside and swimming for your family, you will probably find factors from UV rays and humidity can be the cause of coarse, greasy and lifeless hair. However, it’s not rocket science to reverse this. Keeping your active family’s hair manageable between trips to the beach and playing out can be incredibly easy, as long as you remember to protect and nourish hair after sun and water exposure. If this sounds like a lot for you, just remember that it is probably less effort than a whole family excursion to the hairdressers!

SPF and protect

Many parents overlook their children’s (and their own) need to protect their scalps from harmful UV rays when they are outside. The peak times for the most damage caused by UV rays range between 10am and 4pm, which is highly likely to be the time when your family is out in the sun. Due to this, make sure to shield their delicate hair and scalp with a dedicated head and hair SPF spray and hats. Specific SPF protection for hair and scalps can be easily bought from Boots or Superdrug in a pinch. You can apply regular sunscreen to your loved ones down their partings and through the roots with a wide-tooth comb. For extra protection, buy your children some trendy caps and you won’t have to nag them to put them on before they go outside.

Whilst a day in the sun might be nature’s hairdresser to bring out your natural highlights, your family’s hair can feel particularly dry and brittle during the summer months – especially if they love to be outside. As previously mentioned, generously apply SPF to you and your children’s hair prior to sun exposure (if you have dyed hair, you will need a colour protecting version). If swimming is on the itinerary for the day, we recommend applying coconut oil to your hair to prevent the damage caused by chlorine and sea water to wash out later.


Loose, comfortable hairstyles

Although the universal go-to hairstyle for long hair is the super easy ponytail, tight updos like these are well-known to cause headaches – especially if you are running around in the humid summer heat and dehydrated. Loose, comfortable hairstyles are the ideal choice when it’s warmer to keep cool. Luckily, thanks to last year’s ‘Boxer braid’ trend, your daughters will be more than happy to sport french plaits when they next go out. If your son has long hair and needs to get it off his face, a quick top-knot will have him channelling his inner pro footballer.

Renourish and condition

Do you find that despite washing your hair more frequently due to sports practices and swimming, it has left your family’s hair feeling limp and lifeless? The culprit of this can be the sulfates in your shampoo. What is sulfate you ask? According to professional haircare brand Redken, sulfates are the additives found in hair cleansing products responsible for giving that lovely foam you find in shampoos. Sulfates efficiently lift dirt and oil from hair and your scalp when washed away with water. Whilst this might be exactly what you crave when your hair is feeling sweaty and dirty, your hair may be feeling coarse due to the sulfates washing away the important natural moisture that your scalp and hair needs.

If you find that your family are washing their hair more frequently in the summer months, we advise trying a sulfate-free shampoo. Because they are considered to be a milder, less drying alternative to traditional options, they will strip your hair of less moisture, thus leave your family’s hair less frizz-prone and shinier. Sounds too fancy for you? Even though this advice is pioneered by the pros, sulfate-free shampoos can now easily be found in high street health and beauty retailers thanks to brands such as L’Oreal, OGX and Cantu.

Softened water

If you have tried all these tips, and you are at your wit’s end on how to keep your active family’s hair looking well groomed when you’re busy chasing after them, it might be time to bring out the big guns! If you live in an area which is prone to hard water, the limestone and chalk deposits running through your shower head can be the biggest cause of greasy, limp hair. Incorporating a water softener in your home reaps a multitude of benefits. However, the biggest benefit of softened water is that it makes it softer, shinier and more manageable. Not to mention, softened water is especially beneficial if you are using a sulfate-free shampoo to make it lather up more.

If your locks are looking lacklustre, it could be because you’re washing your hair in hard water at home. A water softener can help to remove harsh minerals from your water supply and improve the softness of your hair and skin. Book a demonstration with one of our experts today to find out how.

Have A Good Hair Day – Washing with softened water can improve hair condition – Discover The Difference