Protect your home and family with a water softener!

A Harvey Water Softener works tirelessly to:

🚿 Remove mineral build-up in pipes & appliances
⚙️ Extend the lifespan of water appliances
💧 Leave skin and hair soft

How hard is my water?

Use our water hardness test to find out how hard the water is in your area. At a level of 100ppm or more, you could benefit from a water softener.

parts per million

Unfortunately we do not have data for your area but you could still benefit from a water softener. Contact our team for more information.

Why choose a Harvey water softener?

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Good for you

Be gentle and look after your skin and hair without the need for extra, costly products.

By using a water softener, you will see improvements in dry skin conditions, such as eczema.

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Good for your home

Pipes will descale over time and your home’s heating system will become more efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Softer water also means no more clogged appliances or limescale on surfaces, making your home shiner and easier to clean.

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Flexible payments

We know that every household is different, which is why we offer a range of payment options including paying up front and a variety of flexible monthly payment plans.

All payment plans are subject to eligibility.

The UK’s #1 selling Water Softener

  • Stop limescale at the source and reduce your energy bills.
  • Keep your appliances running and lasting longer.
  • Soft on skin and hair, say goodbye to hard water irritation.

Once you submit your details, what happens next?

  • Submit your details using this web form.
  • We’ll contact you over the phone to understand your requirements.
  • We can provide a water softener demo, either in your home, or virtually online.
  • We then give you a personalised quote based on your household’s needs.
  • Start enjoying the benefits of soft water.

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    Discover our full range of products

    Discover the benefits of soft water with Harvey Water Softeners! Our advanced water softener systems transform hard water into silky soft water, reducing limescale buildup and providing comfort throughout your home, business and commercial activities.
    Explore our range of water softeners, drinking tap systems, water filters, salt blocks and water treatment products.

    We provide the best quality and service

    Innovative technology

    Founded in 1978 and made in Britain, Harvey Water Softeners have been producing premium materials with cutting edge technology for over 40 years.

    It’s one of the reasons we’ve received the Queen’s Award for innovation and are rated the UK’s no. 1 water softener.

    See how a water softener works

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    Installation expertise

    Our friendly installation experts are qualified plumbers who have undertaken extensive training so that your water softener is installed perfectly.

    Our team is proud of it’s first-time fit rate to ensure that your softener is installed by our friendly experts and you can rely on our helpful aftercare to answer any questions you may have.

    Read more about installation

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    Replacement salt, filters and even more

    A Harvey water softener keeps working, year after year.

    The only thing you’ll need to add is salt or replace your water filter cartridge to ensure you have delicious drinking water all year. Browse our water filter systems, drinking taps and ZeroWater filter products so you can enjoy soft and filtered water everyday.

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