About Us

When you invest in a Harvey™ Water Softener you’re in good hands. We’re committed to providing the best service and product possible for you. From the first phone call, right through to the after service we will keep you informed and respond to your enquiries and questions swiftly.

What’s our secret? The truth is simple. We take the time to listen and educate. We understand the UK market and what you, as a customer, want from our product. Our revolutionary water softeners are industry leaders across the UK and Europe, designed in our purpose built factory in Old Woking, Surrey.

We are proud to be an official member of the Made in Britain campaign in recognition of our efforts to promote excellence in research and development for British manufacturing. Learn more about our Partners here.

It all started when Harvey moved to Surrey…

Harvey Bowden moved from notoriously soft water area, Cornwall to hard water area Surrey. His wife Ann noticed limescale around the home that came at an unwanted cost. She purchased a water softener, but Harvey, who was a plumber at the time, didn’t install it. The oversized softener sat in the shed for months.

…the 70’s…

Harvey soon installed it and was amazed with the results. He even started selling water softeners himself, but he spent most of his time convincing customers that it was ok to cut a hole in their kitchen worktop so the tall water softener could stick through it. The UK market wasn’t suited to the large products, something smaller that fit under the kitchen sink was needed.


Harvey worked with an American company to bring a compact under-the-sink water softener to the UK market. The successful product allowed the business to move to its own factory in Old Woking, Surrey where it is still based today. Harvey designed an improved and optimised version for the British Plumbing System and the business kept growing.

a harvey engineer


Now with an ever growing team, the factory is producing more water softeners year on year. The product you see today has been tested and adapted to be at the forefront of innovation. We have a dedicated team of water softener experts who know the product inside out.

Learn more here about our research and development journey, and how our manufacturing process has changed over the years.

…Bringing Harvey Water into every home.

The vision is to have softened water in every home in the UK. Harvey says everyone “would benefit from a water softener, if it makes sense for one person, then it makes sense for everybody. Water is used everyday and softened water does any job better than hard water.”

Legal Entity – Harvey Water Softeners Ltd

Registered in the UK – Reg Number 01362650

Registered office address – Fourth Floor Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading, Berkshire, England, RG1 3BD

Postal Address – Hipley St, Old Woking, Woking GU22 9LQ

Email Address – [email protected]

Telephone Number – 01483 753400

VAT Number – GB 227 923886

Professional Bodies – Please email [email protected] for a full list of our trade associations