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Free salt worth £160
when you refer a friend

Offer valid till 25th June 2021

We really appreciate personal recommendations. Refer a Friend and we’ll reward you with a year’s supply of free salt worth £160 as a thank you for your loyalty. Your friend will get £60 worth of salt to start them off as well. Terms and conditions apply.

It’s easy to refer your friend

Just fill in the form, click send and sign up on the Harvey Shop! We’ll do the rest.

Sharing the benefits of softened water rewards you and your friend. When your friend has their Harvey Water Softener installed, we’ll send you a voucher to spend using the Harvey online shop as a thank you for the referral. The voucher will be worth £160 – the value of a year’s salt for a typical household. Your friend will receive a voucher for £60.

Your recommendation will introduce them to all the brilliant benefits you’ve experienced yourself as a water softener owner, from protecting their household and appliances from limescale deposits and damage to cutting down on cleaning time and products.

Full details of how the Refer a Friend offer works are below.

Refer a friend

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    Refer a Friend – the details, terms and conditions

    To activate your code you will need to first sign up and create an account at the Harvey Shop.
    We’ll send you a voucher for £160 with an expiry date of 31 December 2022, and we’ll send one worth £60 to your friend at the same time. You can choose to purchase any type of salt or consumables (excluding filters) up to the value of the voucher using the Harvey online shop. The voucher can be part used for multiple or single purchases at any time before the expiry date.
    We’ll issue the vouchers when your friend’s installation of on any model of Harvey Water Softener system has been completed (excluding installations via our dealer network). The offer applies to installations using any method of payment, including our no-obligation three month trial.
    The value of a year’s worth of salt is calculated based on a four-person family using an average of two blocks per person, per month with a HarveyArc water softener – a total of 48 packs of two blocks in one year. At the current price, the total value is £160.
    There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer – we will reward you for every new friend recommendation. If you make multiple referrals, we can issue vouchers with longer expiry dates, so you have more time to spend your reward.
    The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other offer. Where payment is made by voucher and items are returned, any refund due will be by credit voucher only. To be eligible for the Refer a Friend voucher rewards, you must refer the person between the 25th March 2021 and 25th June 2021 and their installation must be completed by 30th September 2021.