Drinking Water Taps

Hot, cold, boiling... your choice

When you have a water softener installed, you can retain your existing hard water supply by fitting a separate bypass tap. You may prefer the taste of hard water, so a bypass tap is often used just for that purpose, but can also be upgraded to provide boiling water that is carefully filtered for the best taste.

Drinking Tap

What is a drinking tap?

  • Drinking taps are designed for well… drinking. Bypass your softener and retain your hard water supply in a dedicated tap
  • Upgrade your tap to get on-demand filtered and boiling water
  • With a dedicated water filter, you can get the very best water supply, with the convenience of an in-line filter
running water sink

How does a drinking tap work?

  • We can install an optional third tap when installing your Harvey Water Softener, that provides non-softened water directly
  • The bypass tap pulls your standard hard water supply, ideal if you prefer the taste of hard water for drinking
  • Our tap options can suit a range of kitchen styles, modern and traditional, and even provide boiling water options

Help me choose the right drinking tap

Not sure which drinking tap is right for you, or have some questions you want to ask first?

  • Get information on how our three way bypass taps work
  • Tailored product advice suited to your requirements
  • Overview of our different tap options
  • Ask about prices

Ask us about drinking taps

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    FAQs for drinking taps

    Can I have a tap supplying unsoftened water somewhere other than at the kitchen sink?

    Yes this this is usually possible. Our expert installers can evaluate your household needs during the demonstration and work with you to choose the best locations for your water softener and tap options.

    Is softened water safe to drink?

    Softened water is safe to drink in most cases. There are a few precautionary exceptions but it’s a mainly a matter of preference whether you choose to drink it. Many people choose to have a drinking water tap installed at the same time as their softener, because they prefer the taste of harder water. 

    Read more about drinking softened water > 

    How much does a drinking tap cost?

    A Harvey Water Softener and drinking tap cost can vary on a number of things, mostly the complexity of your installation as every home is different. This is why we provide a bespoke price for all customers that includes the price of the softener unit itself, all installation/plumbing costs, and any other upgrade options such drinking taps or water filters.

    Get in touch with us to ask about your bespoke price >

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