We believe everyone should have the best quality water – it’s an essential part of everyday life. That’s why we want to make softeners and drinking water solutions affordable for all to enjoy. Choose the payment option that suits you best.

Enjoy a 3 month trial

Try a Harvey Water Softener for 3 months with no obligation. You’ll make monthly rental payments which we’ll refund in full if you decide not to keep your water softener. 95% of customers keep their water softener at the end of the trial – we’re confident you’ll love yours too.

Pay monthly

We offer a range of monthly payment plans from 6 months to 10 years. As with most other loans, these require an approval process (except for the 6 months’ interest free credit option) and are subject to eligibility and credit checks.

You can also choose to rent a water softener for a fixed monthly price.

Buy outright

You can pay for your water softener or drinking water solution in full with a debit or credit card or by BACS transfer.

Flexible payment options to suit you

Outright purchase

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

0% APR loan

  • Over 6 months
  • Over 12 months
  • Over 18 months

9.9% APR loan

  • Over 3-10 years

Flexible monthly rental

  • Fixed monthly price which never changes
  • Rolling 1 month payments
  • Cancel at any time
  • Available to homeowners and tenants
  • All loans from 12 months in length are provided by home improvement lender Novuna Consumer Finance and are subject to eligibility
  • The Harvey 3 month water softener trial is available with outright purchase or 6 months’ interest free credit.
  • All other payment options come with a 90 day money back guarantee on the water softener.
  • If you make overpayments on loans charging interest, you will avoid paying some interest on future payments and reduce the term of the loan
  • Overpayments and early repayments can be made at any time
  • No deposit required
Loan amount of £1800 6 Months 12 Months 18 Months 3 Years 5 Years 8 Years 10 Years
Monthly repayment £300 £150 £100 £57.64 £37.78 £26.82 £23.27
Total amount repayable over the period £1800 £1800 £1800 £2075 £2267 £2575 £2792
Interest rate and representative APR 0% (fixed) 0% (fixed) 9.9% (fixed)
Loan provided by Harvey Novuna Consumer Finance Novuna Consumer Finance

Monthly repayments and totals payable correct as end of February 2021

Flexible rental

For those customers who would like a monthly option without the need to purchase the unit, a Harvey water softener can be rented for as little as £41.95 per month. The rental contract can be cancelled giving one month’s notice. The monthly rental cost is fixed and guaranteed never to increase. All loans except for 6 months 0% APR, are arranged through Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC (trading as Novuna Consumer Finance). Harvey Water Softeners Limited™ (No. 01362650) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register no. 727312).

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