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Take the plunge and shop our range of water softeners with complete peace of mind; our 90-day money-back guarantee has got you covered! T&C’s Apply.

A Harvey Water Softener can reduce your energy bills, keep appliances lasting longer, and is softer on skin and hair.

We believe everyone should have the best quality water – it’s an essential part of everyday life. That’s why we want to make softeners and drinking water solutions affordable for all to enjoy and to afford in a way that suits you best. All payment options are protected by the Harvey promise! 🤝🏻

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Your water softener, your terms

With our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, you can enjoy all the soft water benefits of our leading water softener, the Smart HarveyArc! Specially-designed to work with all homes and softener requirements, the HarveyArc has revolutionised the softener industry with state-of-the-art technology.

With the smallest twin cylinder softener on the market, the HarveyArc works tirelessly to ensure your home stays limescale-free! Not only will you save time on cleaning, but your bills will be significantly reduced due to less energy and water wastage. Plus, you and your whole family will benefit from softer skin and hair.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Our HarveyArc Water Softener includes a smart-home connected iLid that pairs seamlessly with our dedicated myHarvey app, where the benefits of softened water meet the convenience of technology!

Through the app, you can monitor salt levels, order replacement salt and get quick and easy support. You can easily access support from the app, as well as order salt to keep your water softener running smoothly!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop confidently, because enjoying softened water has never been more convenient, safe, and hassle-free! 

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90 Days, Zero Limescale, Zero Worries

You can make the smarter choice and shop confidently knowing your water softener purchase is 100% protected by our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Here at Harvey Water Softeners, your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure you are thrilled with your purchase.


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