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Six ways companies can cut their water footprints

The Guardian’s expert panel have put together six ways that companies can put water at the heart of their operations. Everything we consume has a hidden water footprint: Recognise the value of water – with a lack of appreciation for the value of water – it can be taken for granted ad resources are wasted,

How to Remove Limescale in a Kettle

Limescale in a kettle is not just unsightly. Limescale also affects the taste of the water coming from your kettle, so your cups of tea of coffee can end up tasting ‘off’ if the issue isn’t dealt with. Removing limescale from your kettle is important because: Limescale makes your kettle water taste ‘funny’ Limescale affects

How to Remove Limescale

The best ways to remove limescale Removing limescale around the home once it builds up can be a real challenge. If left unchecked, not only can it affect the performance of your heating system, but it can significantly shorten the lifespan of many expensive household products such as kettles, washing machines and boilers. Read more

7 Natural Eczema Remedies You Can Find in Your Home

If you suffer from eczema, you’ll probably feel like you’ve tried everything to alleviate the symptoms. However, there are some natural eczema remedies you can in your own home which have been found to work for some people. Here are 7 quick and easy remedies for eczema which you might not have heard of before:

How does water softener regeneration work inside your household softener?

Water softener regeneration is the process of flushing out the harsh minerals from within the ion-exchange resin bed within your device in order to keep it working effectively. Why does my water softener need to regenerate? In order for your water softener to provide you and your home with softened water 24/7, it needs to

What is a high flow water softener?

A high flow water softener has been designed to work with high flow, pressurised or direct feed, plumbing systems, to ensure that a property benefits from softened water 24/7 without their water flow being disrupted. What is a high flow rate? In order to understand the importance of a high flow water softener, it’s important

Washing Machines and Water Softeners

Investing in a water softener is a great way to protect the appliances you have in your home whilst helping them to work more efficiently and effectively. One question we’re asked by our customers is whether their washing machine will work with a water softener and if they need to change their washing powder and

Water Softener Shower Heads

Protect your shower head with softened water See green, yellow residue lurking on your shower head? They are one of the areas in your home most affected by limescale build up.  Using a water softener in your home is by far the best way to protect your household appliances and the fixtures you use every day, such