Benefits of softened water

What are the 7 wonders of Harvey Water™? Softened water has many benefits for you, your family and home. Go on, treat yourself.


Shinier home

(more wow!)

Scale will disappear to uncover beautiful surfaces that look brand new, without cleaning. Read more…

Shinier homer

Less time cleaning

(less elbow grease!)

No more scrubbing at bathtub scum or streaky shower screens: softened water cuts your cleaning time and effort. Read more…


Soft on skin

(more smooches!)

Help keep your skin in tip-top condition by soothing it with softened water.  Read more…

Softer skin
Fewer products

Fewer products

(more lather!)

Make that fancy soap last longer. From shampoos to bathroom cleaners, you will notice a reduction. Read more…


Longer lasting appliances

(no more limescale!)

With softened water, scale will slowly diminish, extending the lifespan of appliances. Read more…


Bigger bubble baths

(more time relaxing!)

All products will lather better, resulting in glorious bubbles from your basin to your bath. Read more…


Cheaper bills

(more savings!)

Pipes will descale over time and your hot water system will become more efficient. Read more…

Cheaper bills

Go on, treat yourself.

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