Copyrights and patents

Copyright and Patents

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“EU Design Registrations Granted No 003527969-0001, & 007507322-0001-7”
“GB Design Registrations Granted No. 9003527969-0001, & 9007507322-0001-7”
“US Design Registration Pending No. 29/731,771, 29/731,772, 29/731,777 & 29/731,779”
“GB Patent No. 2547305“
“GB Patent Granted No. 2601086”
“EPO Patent Pending No. 17151537.2”
“EPO Patent Pending No. 20182998.3”
“US Patent Granted No. 10,376,875″
“US Patent Granted No. 11,071,976”
“GB Patent No. 2562724”
“GB Patent No. 2566041”
“EPO Patent Pending No. 17188661.7”
“US Patent Granted No. 11,029,301”
“US Patent Granted No. 11,029,302”
“US Patent Granted No. 11,215,599”
“GB Patent No. 02566040”
“Canadian Patent Pending No. 3042210”
“EPO Patent No. 3567010” (validated in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom)
“GB Patent No. 2573548”
“US Patent No. 11,286,180”
“GB Patent Pending No. 1903775.3”
“EPO Patent Pending No. 20164592.6”
“International Patent Pending No. PCT/EP2021/051091” …Matured; National phase entered EP & US
“GB Patent Pending No. 2100716.6”
“EPO Patent Pending No. 21702383.7”
“US Patent Pending No. 17/791,638”