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Hair personality

Last year we proved that having dry skin on our hands ages us. In fact, our survey showed that having dry hands can age you by nine years on average, while non-dry hands were perceived to be younger than their age 56% of the time! Now we want to look at hair. There still exists so […]

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Diet for healthy skin

Skin health comes in the form of a lot of different little aspects all contributing to a glow and radiance that people will be envious of. Foods that are good for your skin are almost certainly beneficial to other parts of your body too. 1. Avocados The health food craze of the past couple of […]

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Garden trends for 2018

Garden Trends For 2018 The sun is shining and the weather is starting to hotten up… it must be British summer time! While most of us have undoubtedly already run for the barbecue and been enjoying lazy afternoons in the uncharacteristically gorgeous climate, you would be forgiven for not having yet given too much thought […]

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