Don’t let hard water spoil your hair

The effect of hard water on hair: Ever heard that chlorine makes your hair turn green? If you have blonde or bleached hair and you’re a regular swimmer, you might have noticed the unpleasant side effect from the pool water: over time it can give your hair a greenish sheen. This is because chlorine collects on your hair and the lighter the colour, the more noticeable it is. Due to the mineral build up, the same effect is had when you frequently shower in hard water. Don’t let hard water spoil your hair – keep reading to find out how…

Fix this issue: Using a chelating shampoo which has ingredients that help to break down minerals can sometimes help, but typically are harsh and drying on the hair. There are also special “swimmers’ shampoos” that are specially designed to remove the nasties your hair picks up in the swimming pool. 

Why not consider cutting out the minerals that cause the problem entirely by installing a water softener in your home?

The outside of a glass shower with hard water

Soft water showers are good for your hair and cleaning regime. Soaps lather easier, creating gentle suds that give your complexion a fresh look. Feeling temporarily “slippery” after showering in soft water is normal. It’s your body’s natural oils and not the layer of magnesium and calcium that usually occurs in hard water showers.

If your locks are looking lacklustre, it could be because you’re washing your hair in hard water at home. A water softener can help to remove harsh minerals from your water supply and improve the softness of your hair and skin. 

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