Research and Development

Over the past two years we have gradually been undertaking a monumental change in the way we produce our water softeners. After investing more than £2.5 million in new manufacturing technology over two years, we’re now able to see the significant impact these changes have had on our production as we approach the end of this programme and continue to grow.

What are we doing?

In order to boost our output and reduce the manual processes involved in producing each water softener, we have ‘re-shored’ 100% of our manufacturing back to the UK, with the vast majority now done in-house.

We now manufacture and assemble all of our own parts, whereas we had previously assembled parts that had been made elsewhere, which was highly labour intensive.

Increased output and quality

By automating the production process, we have increased our production output by 15% without taking on additional staff. An automated production line removes the risk of human error and has therefore reduced the amount of failures discovered during final assembly from 40 per week to just four. We are now producing the Harvey Water Softener™ in higher quality and greater quantities.

Innovative manufacturing

Our investment in innovative technology has included 3D printing and a state-of-the-art injection moulding machine. We can now transform ideas on paper into working prototypes, in just three days and for a much lower cost. By creating these prototypes and testing them out, we can foresee any future issues with the products and eradicate any faults before production takes place.

Incorporating the use of 3D printing technology into our production process has positioned us at the forefront of UK manufacturing.

Looking ahead…

Our workforce has increased by 20% in the last year and innovation has played a major part in this growth. We are investing in the future of the business, its people and the Harvey™ Water Softener itself.

We will continue to strengthen these recent changes and maintain our position as innovator long into the future. Ultimately, it will allow us to help more households experience the benefits of softened water, making cleaning greener, water tastier and energy bills lower for consumers.

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  • Softened water demonstration and comparison
  • Plumbing survey and installation options
  • Softened water savings calculations
  • Full quotation, including installation

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