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Does fitting a water softener reduce the amount of cleaning products I need to use?

Yes. You’ll use fewer products and less effort! 

Softened water lathers better so one of the first things you notice when you have a water softener installed is that you don’t need to use as much for general household cleaning. It’s the same for shampoos, conditioners and other cleansers you use for personal and home care too. 

By cutting down on cleaning products, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your soft water product savings add up. This includes soaps, floor cleaner, kitchen and bathroom cleaner. Washing powder, conditioner and dishwasher powder can be cut back by up to 75%. Dishwasher salt and scale removers shouldn’t need to be used at all. 

You’ll get used to using smaller amounts and you will notice a reduction in the usage over time. It’s good news, because you’ll use less of your favourite products so they’ll last longer 

That also helps you to reduce packaging use in the long term. This is better for the environment which is important to us here at Harvey – we’ve got more tips, advice and articles on our Environment Hub that you may find interesting.  

Softened water dissolves existing limescale and prevents new build-up, so you’ll save on cleaning time and effort too, with no more scrubbing and scouring to remove hard water deposits. 

There are more benefits for you, your family and home. We call them the 7 wonders of Harvey softened water. Find out more 

Our water softeners help you around the home in so many ways. Softened water can prevent limescale build-up in taps, pipes and appliances. Many people think it tastes better than hard water, and it’s much softer on skin. 

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