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What if I move home?

A Harvey water softener can be easily removed and refitted in any home, whether it’s a house, bungalow, flat or apartment. It’s possible to move it and reinstall it yourself. We can also move it for you, or you could ask your removals company or a plumber to quote for moving a water softener if you need any specialist help. 

Before you move

There are some things to consider before moving your Harvey water softener.  

  • Before reinstalling you will need to assess your new home’s water supply. We recommend getting in touch so that we can advise on what to check in your new home, to ensure a smooth switchover.  
  • Your new property must have its own water supply, with its own stopcock somewhere that turns off the water to the property. The water supply must be turned off when the water softener is being refitted into your new home.  

How to move a water softener 

Switch off your water softener and isolate it from your main water supply. This is a straightforward process and there are instructions in your owners’ manual. 

Installing your water softener in your new home 

When your water softener is installed in your new home you may notice that at first, the water quality isn’t as good as in your previous house, because the new home may have scale build-up in the pipework. It will take time before your water softener removes the existing scale and the water feels as soft as in your old house. 

Leaving your water softener behind 

If you don’t need your water softener in your new home then it can be left for the new owners to enjoy softened water. Just leave them with the instruction manual and our details. 

Help is at hand 

If you’re in any doubt about what to do, we’re happy to help and advise. 

Interested in a water softener for your home? 95% of people who try out a Harvey water softener decide to keep it. So what are you waiting for? Request a quote.