Thinking shouldn’t be thirsty work: more reasons to love water

Drinking water can get your brain working 14 per cent faster, research has revealed, because the brain doesn’t waste time telling the body it’s thirsty. Researchers at the University of East London believe that quenching your thirst frees up your brain to focus on the task in hand, the Daily Mail reported recently.

To reach this conclusion, 34 male and female participants were given a series of mental tests, once after breakfast – which consisted of just a cereal bar – and again after a cereal bar and a bottle of water.

At the beginning of the experiment each participant was asked how thirsty they were. During the tests – which measured their reaction times – the people who reported that they were not thirsty performed just as well without having the water as they did after having it.

However, the thirsty people reacted more quickly after they’d had a drink of water – so much so that they were up to 14 per cent quicker than they were before the drink.

Researchers explained the findings: “These results are consistent with water consumption freeing up attentional resources that were otherwise occupied with processing the sensations of thirst.”

The study was reported in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and the Daily Mail linked the research to previous findings that have shown just 90 minutes of steady sweating will shrink the brain as much as a year of ageing, although drinking water allows it to quickly return to normal. Even more evidence to keep up the daily six to eight glasses of water habit!

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