Tips for fluffier pancakes

Happy pancake day! The argument over the best pancake topping will forever be unanswered. But one thing we can all agree on is the fluffier the pancake, the better! What’s the secret to fluffier pancakes? Follow our top tips –

Tips for fluffier pancakes

1. Use fresh ingredients –

if your baking powder is too old you won’t get the fluffy rise!

2. Let the batter chill for 30-45 mins

(if you can bear to wait that long for your pancakes!)

3. Don’t over mix the batter

stop stirring when you aren’t left with any more flour streaks. Lumps are fine!

4. Keep your pan hot –

test the pan with a few sprinkles of oil, if it sizzles you’re ready to go.

Now, are you brave enough to flip them?

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