2023 Annual Dragon Boat Race and Fun Day

The Dragon Boat Races and Family Fun Day are back…

We are thrilled to be participating in the Annual Dragon Boat Race this year, held in Goldsworth Park Lake, Woking. The event will be on Sunday 14th May 2023, and is a fantastic opportunity for families and friends to sign up for some oar-some fun!

Up to sixteen of our Harvey employees are competing, and are ready to bring our energy and warrior spirit! They will take to the waters in colourful dragon boats, paddling furiously across the waters, to compete against other teams and be crowned the winners.

Trident Honda are sponsoring the event to raise money for the Woking & Sam Beare Hospice & Wellbeing Care, a charity that cares for thousands of patients, their carers, and families each year. WSBH specialise in delivering holistic care for patients with complex life-limiting and terminal illnesses. We’re proud to be participating in this event for such a worthy cause!

Did You Know?

Dragon Boat Racing originated in China, and it’s history goes back more than 2000 years! The story of dragon boats evolved over the years, involving the famous poet Qu Yuan, who threw himself in the Miluo River after being framed and realising that his motherland has been damaged. He felt so upset about his country, that on lunar May fifth, he ended his life.

This tragic event transformed into a festival where people paddled boats to drive fishes away and fed the water creatures with Zongzi (Chinese rice dish wrapped in bamboo leaves), so that Qu Yuan’s body would not become their dinner. The legend of Qu Yuan became a well-known story in China and other Asian countries, and now Dragon Boat Racing is a popular sport event enjoyed in all parts of the world.

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