Eliminate limescale and save energy with softened water

Limescale, that chalky build up that leaves your shower head unattractive and difficult to clean, as well as the visible damage it can cause a host of other problems including flow restriction and blockages in pipes. This can drive up energy use, so as well as being bad for the environment it is bad for your wallet!

How Limescale Forms

Limescale forms on the hotter parts of appliances and where water pressure drops, notably on taps, shower heads and on kettle heating elements. It is formed, in chemical terms, by soluble calcium bicarbonate converting to insoluble calcium carbonate.

What Water Softeners do

Hardness minerals cause limescale, a water softener replaces these with sodium through an ion exchange, as water passes through the ion exchange calcium and magnesium are captured as the sodium ions are released.

Save Energy

The limescale caused by hard water conducts thermal heat approximately 400 times less efficiently than copper, making it a significant barrier to heat flow within the home. The Battelle Study noted that after 15 years heaters running on soft water maintained an efficiency close to the level they demonstrated when new. In contrast heaters running on hard water ran into problems with scaling that reduced their efficiency, in some cases by almost half.

A further study found that energy usage with softened water was 23.8% lower for gas heaters and 17.8% lower for electric heaters. The barrier of lime scale does not have to be large to have a significant effect on fuel costs. In separate studies it has been discovered that a mere 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm of lime scale can increase fuel costs by 9 to 10%.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives in the search for new, environmentally friendly technology. With a Harvey Water Softener, you can lower your carbon footprint while keeping your water and salt usage down by picking the most efficient softener available. Book a demonstration to find out how you can save money and energy with a water softener.

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