FAQs Categories: Water filters

How do I replace my filter?

Once you receive your filter through the post, simply untwist the old filter and twist the new filter in place as if you were changing a light bulb. Once the new filter is in place, run the tap water for around 10-15 seconds until the water runs clear.

What’s the filter for?

The filter cartridge is for your drinking water. It removes the taste and odour of chlorine and any sediments such as sand or rust from your drinking water.

Do I need a filter?

It is completely up to you if you have a filter installed along with your water softener.

How do I buy a filter?

You can purchase a new filter cartridge from either our website here or over the phone, by calling our salt and filter department on 01483 753 402.

How do I change my water filter?

Simply unscrew your old one (same movement as a lightbulb) then screw the new one in. Once the water runs clear, you have successfully replaced your water filter.