Garden Trends for 2018

Garden Trends For 2018

The sun is shining and the weather is starting to hotten up… it must be British summer time!

While most of us have undoubtedly already run for the barbecue and been enjoying lazy afternoons in the uncharacteristically gorgeous climate, you would be forgiven for not having yet given too much thought to your garden.

After all, it’s only now that the plants you nurtured so tenderly last year are starting to come back out to play. To help you plan for your summer garden, and to inspire some new ideas, we’ve put together some top garden trends for 2018.

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Garden trend 1: Outdoor living

No more digging around the shed for the camping chairs you take on your annual trip to Butlins! The first trend for summer 2018 is around creating a comfortable outdoor living space, providing extra room for entertainment for your family and creating a welcoming location that your children will want to invite their friends over to (whether you count this as a bonus or not!).

Why not think outside the box from your usual alfresco dining sets with wobbly chairs and invest in a set of luxurious outdoor sofas to lounge on and decorate with some fun solar fairy lights for a really relaxing space?

Garden trend 2: Ecological gardening

The recent focus on sustainability in the media has influenced trends in nearly every industry – with gardening being no exception. Drought-resistant plants and gardens that encourage wildlife are going to be increasingly popular this year as a way to protect the environment.

Why not implement this into your garden with low-maintenance plants such as cacti and succulents along with birdfeeders?

Another quirky and creative way to implement an eco-friendly mindset into your gardening is to use upcycled planters and reuse items you may already have lying around, such as wellies.

Garden trend 3: Freakebana

If flower arrangements have never been your thing then you’re in luck. The newest garden trend for 2018, Freakebana, adopts the freedom to arrange foliage and flowers however you please – the more eccentric the better!

This new craze nods to the Japanese art of arranging flowers called Ikebana that pays homage to the beauty of nature and has the ability to elevate your garden to a modern masterpiece. How? Try mixing different textures such as flowers, vegetables and crystals for an eclectic centrepiece.

Garden trend 4: Small gardens

2018 is all about creating cosy, intimate spaces to enjoy time with your loved ones.

If you’re lacking space in your garden, then this trend is for you. We recommend investing in a comfortable outdoor dining set or sofas as a priority when working with a small garden then adding more based on size.

Why not add hanging planters with luscious draping greenery on the high levels of your fence to create a hidden forest effect? If your garden is larger and you want to try this trend, aim to break up the space into smaller, functional areas. For example, creating separate areas for dining, lounging and open grass for playtime will give your garden a more homely, snug feel.

Garden trend 5: The colour purple

Did you know the official colour of the year is ultra-violet?

Expect flowers in hypnotic purple hues to take gardens and garden centres alike by storm this year in homage to Purple Rain. Opt for purple flowers such as lavender, verbena and salvia to take on this trend and stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re feeling adventurous, look out for distinctive vegetables to plant such as Purple of Sicily cauliflower, Purple Passion asparagus and Jelly Bean blueberries. Not only will they look incredibly regal growing in your garden but you can also score extra brownie points from your peers for your otherworldly domestication when you serve these for dinner.

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