Hard Water Areas: What Are Your Options?

Have you ever stopped and wondered about water hardness?

Many of us live in hard water areas without even realising it. While hard water isn’t harmful to our health, it can be harsh on skin conditions such as eczema and cause frustrating effects on our homes, appliances, and bills.  

Fortunately, there is a solution. There are various ways to find out what areas have hard water, and from here, you can take steps to reduce the impact on family and home life.  

Whether you’re interested in water softening solutions or simply want to find out ‘water hardness in my area’, keep reading. In this blog, we’re investigating tricks to find out how hard your water is and what you can do to tackle limescale that comes with it.

What is hard water? 

Before we jump into options and hard water in your area, we’ll quickly define what hard water really is.  

Hard water has a high mineral content and higher levels of magnesium and calcium. This is caused by the geology of the UK, as the water dissolves minerals from rocks as it flows through. Over half of the UK population lives in hard water areas, and this is a common inconvenience that residents face.  

While limescale is a widespread issue, water companies don’t soften water for residents as it’s an expensive and energy-intensive process on such a large scale. Although desalination plants do exist, they are mainly focused on using the technique for industrial and commercial processes and not residential supply. Plus, some residents have a personal preference of hard water over soft water!  

filling a glass with tap water

Hard water areas in the UK

Have you been Googling “hardness of water in my area?” 

Finding out whether you’re in a hard water area can help you put a stop to the frustrating issues that come with these extra minerals. Though much of the UK experiences hard water, some areas have a higher mineral content than others. 

If you’re living in York, Hull, or Doncaster, you might have noticed some extra limescale on your kettle, around taps and in bathrooms. Other hard water areas in the UK include London and the southeast of England.  

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland naturally have softer water due to the geology of those areas, therefore they experience fewer adverse effects from their water supplies.  

Are you in a hard water area? We’re here to help. 

Try the hard water checker

Unsure what your water type is? Forget searching for ‘hard water in my area’. We’ve created an quick online tool to help you find easy answers.  

Our water hardness checker is here to help you find answers. Simply enter your town or postcode, and we’ll provide you with water answers. If you have levels over 100 parts per million (ppm) in your water, a water softener amongst other water solutions could benefit your day-to-day life. 

Don’t wait until you notice a large limescale build-up! Check your hardness today to prevent your appliances from needing a repair. 

Try our free hard water checker to see how affected your home is on the water hardness scale. 

What are your water options? 

Once you’ve researched your water hardness and the scale of the problem, you may want to explore your options.  

At Harvey Water Softeners, we’re continually looking for the best water solutions to help those living in hard water areas to reduce the impact of calcium and magnesium on daily life and the home. We always strive for the next solution, from custom smart taps to low-maintenance filters and of course, our range of water softeners

Here are 4 essential options for hard water areas:

Water softeners

One of the most popular solutions for tackling hard water and eliminating limescale once and for all is a water softener. These helpful devices remove the calcium and magnesium from your water supply via ion exchange. This leaves you with soft water and no more limescale, it’s kinder on skin and hair, and can reduce home maintenance costs and bills. 

Harvey Water Softener
Water filter system

Water filters

Tired of hard water in your kitchen sink? A water filter might be the solution for you. Water filters sit under your kitchen sink and remove the excess minerals from your tap supply. This saves you from ever needing to use and store a water filter jug in your fridge ever again, allowing easy access to soft water straight from your tap! 

Drinking taps

Enjoy a nice cup of tea without the hard water-caused scum on the top! We offer specialised drinking taps with a bypass tap that retains hard water supplies. Ideal for anyone who enjoys the taste of hard water. Not only that, but our drinking taps also provide on-demand boiling water, sparkling water, and chilled water.  

Milano tap with glass
7 cup on counter with glass

Filtered water jug

Not ready to commit to a fitted water filter yet? A filtered water jug is an excellent option for those who want a small-scale water softener. Filtered water jugs provide purified water without the chlorine taste from your tap. This leaves your water at 000-010ppm, much lower than standard hard water (100 ppm and above).  

How to tell if your water is hard

While our water hardness tool is a handy way to work out if you’re in a hard water area, there are some other tell-tale signs of excessive minerals.  

Here are some common features of hard water areas that you might notice at home.  

Around the house

Have you noticed limescale in your home? Limescale is a white build-up of minerals in hard water. This could be around your taps, in your kettle, or on the exterior of any other water outlets. 

Hair and skin

While hard water isn’t harmful to our health, it can impact your hair and skin. The extra calcium and magnesium in hard water can lead to dryness in your hair and skin conditions. Hard water can also cause residents to use more hair and skin products while showering. Try adding moisturising products to your routine or invest in softer water. 

Higher bills

Another crucial sign that you’re in a hard water area is higher bills. Since hard water causes limescale build-ups, you might need to replace appliances or opt for maintenance more frequently. The cost of living is rising, and a water softener could cancel out these frustrating extra payments. 

The bottom line

Though many worry about ‘hard water in my area’, it’s easy to achieve soft water without fuss. Whether you opt for a water softener or a water filter, living in hard water areas has never been easier. 

A Harvey water softener might be your solution if you’re ready to combat hard water issues. Get in touch today to make an appointment or to find out the best options for your home.  

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