Hidden Effects of Hard Water

There are many hidden effects to hard water…it’s a cleaner’s worst nightmare! It can leave unsightly water marks on all of your bathroom fittings and surfaces, even after it has just been cleaned. 

Not only that, but hard water can cause a build up of limescale, blocking your appliances and impacting their performance. You may be using more water than normal, without even realising it. This can soon add up, and affect your monthly water bill.

Have you considered other ways in which hard water could be affecting the cleanliness of your bathroom? Here are 3 hidden effects of hard water within your bathroom.

Limescale on your taps

If you have white or black dirt around your taps, this is likely caused by limescale. Over time, it builds up and restricts the flow of water from your bathroom tap. You should regularly clean the mouth of your taps, to make sure that this limescale is removed. This will ensure that you are using clean water to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Hard water stains in your toilet

Unsightly black marks in your toilet could be caused by hard water, as the limescale builds up in the basin. It can often appear as a streak or a smear within the toilet. You can remove this by using bleach, and scrubbing it away. You can also fit a toilet freshener to keep it clean after every flush.

Limescale on your shower head

tiled bathroom with a shower head and curtain showing effects of hard water

Hard water can cause limescale build up on your shower head, affecting its performance. You may be using more water than normal, to compensate for the poor water pressure. Remember to clean your shower head once per week to avoid any blockages.

The effects of hard water and how to remove stains

If you’re struggling with hard water stains around your home, there are some simple yet effective solutions. Read our blog post on Quick Fixes for Hard Water Stains to discover homemade remedies for those nasty water marks.

If you have hard water in your home, it could affect the lifetime of your household appliances due to a buildup of limescale over time. Water softeners remove minerals from your water supply and drastically reduce the amount of limescale in your home. Learn more about how our water softeners work and find the right model for you – choose from the new HarveyArc, the HVX, or the Big Blue.

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