How much money can I save with a water softener?

you are based in a hard water area, there are plenty of reasons to install a water softener in the home. By process of ion exchange, the water softener will draw out the magnesium and calcium ions, the mineral content which makes it ‘hard’ in the first place. Having soft water flowing through your household will limit the accumulation of scale and scum and will actually provide treatment to areas where it has formed. You will also notice the water feels different, smooth and silky on the skin providing much more effective washes when combined with soap and washing detergents.

These are the benefits to your household, the things you will notice immediately. Gradually, you will also find yourself saving a lot less money.


Soft water is a solvent meaning it can dissolve other chemicals easily. Due to hard water’s mineral content, the water is more inert or less capable of sustaining a reaction. When combined with soap, it won’t create a proper lather leading to you having to waste more and more detergent just to get an effective clean. With soft water you can use a fraction of the amount and still gain a better clean, that will preserve the fabrics of your clothes.

We have calculated the following savings based on an average home of a family of four.

Item Monthly Cost Percentage Saving You Save
Bars of Soap £2.50 50% £1.95
Liquid Soap £2.20 50% £1.10
Shower Gel £1.90 50% £0.95
Shampoo £3.20 50% £1.60
Hair Conditioner £3.20 75% £2.40
Bubble Bath £2.80 100% £2.80
Hand Cream £3.70 75% £2.78
Body Lotion £6.70 75% £5.03
Razor Blades £6.00 50% £3.00
Shaving Soap £2.90 50% £1.45
Floor Cleaner £1.90 50% £0.95
Washing up liquid £1.90 50% £0.95
Toilet Cleaner £2.60 75% £1.95
Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner £1.60 50% £0.80
Dishwasher Cleaner £3.00 50% £1.50
Shower Shine £1.80 100% £1.80
Washing Powder £6.79 75% £5.10
Fabric Conditioners £3.00 75% £2.25
Dishwasher Powder £7.00 75% £5.25
Dishwasher Salt £1.40 100% £1.40
Washing Machine Descaler £12.00 100% £12.00
General Scale Removers £2.90 100% £2.90
Kettle Descaler £2.20 100% £2.20

As you can see this greatly reduces your shopping bill by over £65.

Energy Sales

The average household in a hard water area, will gain at least 1.5mm of scale building within its internal plumbing over a year. Scale is an insulator and will transfer the heat of your system less effectively. A buildup of just 1.5mm is enough to reduce your heating efficiency by at least 12%.

Again the following figures are provided on the basis of an average family home belonging to two adults and two children.

Item Cost Saved
Fuel Saving £7.80
Capital Depreciation £13.43

This represents a saving of at least £240 on your heating bill over one year. In addition, softened water is expected to preserve your boiler’s life span to the standard 15 years.

Installing a water softener acts as a long term investment, that will save you greater amounts of money over the years. The favourite non electrical twin cylinder water softening unit contains no moving parts, it works automatically and is able to cope with the larger demands of water in the family home. All you need to do is add salt, in the form of block salt that costs as little as £7.58 a month.

At Harvey Water Softeners, we’re passionate about helping people save money on their household bills. Our water softeners can help you spend less on bottled water, bathroom and cleaning products, repairs and replacements of kitchen and bathroom appliances and fittings. Find out how you can pay for your new water softener gradually with our flexible payment options.

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