Understanding your daily water consumption – & how to reduce it

Everyday we go about our daily routines, without even considering our water consumption. We are constantly running water, starting in the morning when we brush our teeth, all the way to showering in the evening.

According to a 2018 survey by Statista, the average 4 person household uses up to 450 litres of water each day, and with lots of us at home this year usage has increased. Most of this water is wasted, and runs straight down the drain. There are many daily activities that use water – flushing the toilet, washing our hands, cooking dinner – and this all adds up. 

If you’re looking to reduce your monthly water bill, we can help. Here are 5 tips to reduce your daily water consumption.

5 Water Saving Tips

1. Time your showers

Whilst we all love to stand under the warm water on a cold winter’s morning, timing your shower can save a lot of water. The average shower uses 10 litres of water per minute, meaning a 5 minute shower can use a huge 50 litres of water! Set an alarm on your phone, and try to stick to 2 or 3 minutes.

2. Consider a dual flush toilet

Each flush of a toilet uses up to 13 litres of water. You can have a dual-flush toilet fitted, which reduces the amount of water used to flush the toilet. This will save you around 7 litres of water every time you flush.

A bathroom with a large mirror and double sinks

3. Run the dishwasher once per day

If you have a big family, it’s likely that by the end of the day, you’re left with a lot of dirty plates. However, hand washing your dishes can use up to 60 litres of water! If you have a dishwasher in your home, fill it up throughout the day, and run it once in the evening. This will save you around 50 litres of water.

4. Limit the number of full clothes washes

The average washing machine uses 50 litres of water per cycle, which for a large family, can add up to a lot of water. Stick to one or two washing days every week – split your washing into whites and colours, and try to run 1-2 cycles for each. Full loads are more efficient than small loads.

a basket full of dirty washing

5. Wash your car once a fortnight

If you have a car, you’ll understand how quickly it can get dirty – especially if you have kids. However, washing your car with a hose uses up to 250 litres of water! Try to limit the amount of times you wash your car to twice a month, and use a bucket and a sponge if possible. 

These tips will help you to cut down on the amount of water your family uses each day, by simply making small changes to your routine. Reducing your water consumption will help to reduce your carbon footprint – and your water bill in the process! 

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