Drinking Tap

Drinking Water Taps for Your Kitchen

Your new Harvey™ Water Softener will provide softened water to your entire home. The benefits of softened water are extensive, including a cleaner home, more efficient heating systems, longer appliance lifespan and better quality water for you and your family.

Drinking Tap

Who likes to have a drinking water tap installed?

Drinking softened water is perfectly safe for you and your family. The decision on whether or not to drink is based solely on whether or not you like the taste.

However, there are some people who simply prefer the taste of non-softened water, or it may be unsuitable for those on a low sodium diet or for mixing with baby feed.


Health effects of drinking softened water

Due to the sodium that exists in softened water from the softening process, it has been raised as a potential issue in the past.

The official advice is that it is recommended not to drink water where the level of salt present exceeds 200 mg/l. For most areas of the UK, the sodium levels of softened water are well within the limits. However, in a few parts of the UK where the water is particularly hard, sodium levels may exceed the recommended amount, hence the choice to include a drinking water tap with your install.

Order a drinking tap with the UK’s #1 selling Water Softener

  • Stop limescale at the source and reduce your energy bills.
  • Keep your appliances running and lasting longer.
  • Soft on skin and hair, say goodbye to hard water irritation.

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  • We can provide a water softener demo, either in your home, or virtually online.
  • We then give you a personalised quote based on your household’s needs.
  • Start enjoying the benefits of soft water.

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