Better Drinking Water

The Best Drinking Water Straight From Your Tap!

Pure filtered water from your tap!

Water is so important. We use it every day, which is why we want it to be the very best for our homes and families.

Lady Drinking

We are fortunate that the tap water in the UK is safe to drink but that doesn’t mean it is always the best it could be. Many homes experience tap water that doesn’t taste nice or has an odour or contaminants that make it unpleasant to drink.

Plastic Bottles

Many people resort to bottled water, which comes at a high price for both our budgets and our planet. Over 13 billion plastic bottles are used in the UK each year, which is impacting our natural habitat.

It is no surprise that our customers are looking for alternatives to bottled water that combine convenience with lower cost savings, after all 90% of the cost of bottled water is in the cost of the plastic.

But imagine if the purest drinking water came straight out of your tap… at Harvey we offer a number of drinking water solutions to suit your family and your budget.

Our most popular Carbon Filter uses coconut carbon to remove sediments, chlorine and taste and odour from your water, while our So Clear filtration system filtered in three stages to also remove bacteria and viruses, rust from pipes, lead, and more. To get the full water package, we also have a range of 3-way taps that can give you a combination of instant boiling, chilled, sparkling water and more, set up to suit you. Enjoying pure filtered water from your kitchen tap has never been so convenient.