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Drinking Water Filter

Water filter taps are a popular alternative to water filter jugs, providing filtered drinking water straight from your kitchen tap 24 hours a day. Stop regularly changing filters and refilling jugs, enjoy fresh filtered water on demand.

Our drinking water filters are designed and fitted specially to give you water that always tastes great, straight from the tap. With an innovative design that’s easy to install, each water filter is built to last for 12 months and will improve the quality of your water for drinking and cooking.

Benefits of a water filtration system:

  • Great tasting filtered water
  • Cleaner fruit and veg
  • Saving time and money
  • Easy installation
  • Cooking without chlorine
  • Each filter lasts 12 months

What is a water filter tap?

Your new drinking water tap is made up of two components; the under sink water filter has a high quality bed carbon cartridge with a 5 micron filter, removing impurities from your water supply and leaving you with fresh, filtered drinking water.

The tap itself comes in a standard drinking water tap design, or you may wish to upgrade. You can choose from the standard, the chrome effect or combine it with your water softener in a premium three-way mixer tap.

An installation kit is included and your tap will be installed by one of our fully qualified plumbers.

Drinking Tap


Why install a water filter tap?

Filtering drinking water is fairly common practice these days, and most of us use a water filter jug or a filter drinking bottle for this purpose. A water filter system for the home gives you the benefits of filtered water straight from the source. These benefits include:

  • Better taste
  • Removal of impurities
  • Cleaner colour
  • Ease of access to fresh drinking water, encouraging you to drink more

Activated carbon filters

The majority of water filters sold use activated carbon in one form or another. Activated carbon is made by carbonising various natural materials like coal or coconut shell and then steam treating it to activate its high surface area.

It is made in granular, powder or porous block form and then made into a cartridge for inclusion within a water filter. When water passes through the carbon, organic contaminants are adsorbed onto the high surface area. It will also reduce chlorine – and, as organics and chlorine are the main causes of complaint about the taste, odour and colour of the water supply, activated carbon filters are very popular for treatment of water for drinking purposes.

Your new drinking water tap uses an activated carbon filter.

Carbon filters


So Clear Filter

Simple to use, technologically advanced and super compact, bringing you a better-tasting water, purified of unpleasant tastes and odours, directly from your kitchen tap.

So Clear adapts to all kinds of kitchens… thanks to its reduced size it can be installed in small spaces and function even without electricity.
Thanks to its triple filtration technology, So Clear eliminates turbidity, residues and suspended particles. You’ll have cleaner and better-tasting water, perfect for drinking but also for preparing your favourite dishes.

And finally, you can free yourself once and for all from the stress of transporting heavy packs of bottled water… while at the same time also reducing both the consumption of plastic and the quantity of CO2 released in the environment.

Water filter tap vs jug filters

  • Water percolates from an upper compartment in the jug, through a cartridge filter into the lower compartment
  • The cartridge usually contains activated carbon granules which reduce taste, odour and colour
  • Ion exchange resin treats the water, but reduces the temporary hardness of water. It reduces scale build up in the kettle and scum on tea and coffee – but doesn’t take out all the minerals
  • They are intended for use in preparing drinks or cooking
  • They are not plumbed into the water supply and are usually kept in the fridge
  • They are low cost and effective at improving the taste of drinks, but need to be filled up regularly and the cartridge changed once a month.

Filter Jug

Life With Water

Treating water in your home

As we start to invest more in a healthier relationship with drinking water, we should also consider water and our home, and how we can protect our home and appliances from the effects of water degradation.

Many homes in the UK suffer from what is known as hard water, this being water with higher levels of magnesium and calcium present. These minerals build up in your home’s pipes and appliances, causing limescale and impacting the lifespan of your washing machine, kettle, boiler, dishwasher, shower and more.

By choosing to install a water filter system for the home, you remove these minerals and can benefit from softened water that doesn’t damage your home. Softened water is also known to be better for your skin and hair. Find out more about water softeners here.

Water softeners and water filters

Water softeners and water filters are perfect partners. Buy a water softener from Harvey Water Softeners and you can choose to have a drinking water tap installed at the same time.

While drinking softened water is perfectly safe, some people prefer the taste of non-softened water, so your drinking water tap bypasses the softener, instead using the filter to remove impurities. Find out more here.