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Does a domestic water softener change the pH Balance of the water?

No, fitting a domestic water softener will not affect your water pH balance. Softened water is not corrosive. It does not corrode your appliances – including aluminium heat exchangers and water boiler taps such as Quookers 

When water is softened by a domestic, base-exchange water softener, the only chemical changes are replacement of calcium (and other multivalent cations such as magnesium) by sodium. 

The other anions (such as carbonate, bicarbonate, sulphate and chloride) remain the same. The bicarbonate provides buffering capacity and stabilises the pH. 

A chemist might challenge this statement, because sodium has a slightly stronger base than calcium. So technically this means there is an increase – but it is insignificant in terms of measurability and does not create any water treatment issues. 

Finding out more about the pH levels of your water 

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on the pH levels of softened water or hard water in the home, home testing kits are available from online or from hardware retailers. 

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