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Does my water softener need servicing?

Our water softeners don’t need any servicingWe’ve designed them with easy maintenance and ownership in mind. To keep them running efficiently and performing to their best, all you need to do is keep them topped up with salt. 

This isn’t typical of all water softeners, so we do recommend that if you’re comparing makes and models that you take maintenance and general running costs into consideration. Some brands require an annual service so it’s worth checking first. 

Harvey water softeners run for 10-15 years with no servicingAll you have to do is  keep them topped up with saltthis regenerates the machine and flushes away any hard minerals that might otherwise accumulate.  

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Talk to us 

Of course, sometimes it’s reassuring to talk to someone if you’re experiencing water softener maintenance problems or you’re not sure your water softener is working at its best. Our expert team is available to help 

If we identify a problem with your system, then we’ll arrange for one of our team to check if there’s some maintenance on your water softener system that we can do remotely or we’ll book a water softener service appointment for you.  

Your Harvey water softener should run smoothly as long as you keep the salt topped up – there’s no need for routine servicing. But if you’ve noticed a problem with your water softener or you’d like to book a maintenance visit, please contact our expert team who will be happy to help. Contact us