Does my water softener need servicing?

A Harvey Water Softener™ doesn’t require any servicing. Our water softeners have been designed and manufactured to not require any regular servicing.

Other water softeners need maintenance visits on a regular basis to keep them at a standard level of quality.

Providing you keep your water softener topped up with block salt, you should have no need to service it during its lifetime. As with any device that has been manufactured, there are rare occasions where the water softener may need servicing. We have a service department here to help you.

This means once you invest in a Harvey Water Softener™, you won’t have any time-consuming servicing appointments to make.

Our water softeners run for 10-15 years with no servicing, other than regular insertion of block salt to enable regeneration (the flushing of hard minerals out of the resin that traps them using salt water – find out more about how water softeners work here and about water softener maintenance here).

The displacement water meter within your water softener indicates when it requires salt to regenerate and if you keep up with this demand, your water softener will continue to soften water effectively without the need for additional servicing.

If you do have any problems at all with your device, our specialist service team is on hand to help.

Do you have another question about water softener service or do you have a problem with your water softener? Please let us know by contacting our customer service team and we’ll be happy to resolve your problem as soon as possible.